Expert Debt Management
Expert Debt Management

Five cheap ways to improve your home for sale

One way out of debt for many people with equity in their home is to sell it, and move on. But this is easier said than done in today's fearful economic climate - particularly if you have a downtown apartment, which is simply one of scores or even hundreds of similar pads available.

But fear not, help is here. It may be necessary to spend a small amount so check out a reputable short-term lender like
Wonga Loans Canada if that helps - but it should pay dividends in getting you free.

So here are five quick and relatively easy ways to make your place look a million dollars without breaking the bank:

1 Get painting

Painting a place is just about the easiest yet most transformational thing you can do. It works in a way people don't consciously take in, but really makes a huge difference. The fact is that walls get knocked and scuffed over even short periods of time, whilst colours go in and out of fashion quickly. If you can do the work yourself (and anyone can) then it will really save you money and help sell it if that's what you need to do.

Use an
online paint calculator to help you work out how much paint you'll need - then get busy.

2 Get good light fixtures

If you live in a fairly modern condo type development, there's a good chance you're your lighting will be that supplied by the main developer - i.e. cheap and fairly nasty! Therefore, investing a relatively small amount if cash is some more luxurious light fittings will really make your place stand out from the crowd. Hidden-tracked up-lighters, in particular, can lend a welcome touch of opulence and help show an apartment off to its very best.

This needn't be expensive. Smart light fittings cost as little as $30 from a Home Depot or similar.

3. Get your window furniture right

Investing in drapes or blinds, or both, can transform your home and again isn't going to break the bank. This is, admittedly, an individual choice so it's a good tip to ask a friend with a good eye for design his or her advice, or perhaps to work to a design from an interior design magazine or the web etc.

If you have high windows, drapes which run to the floor can really help accentuate this feature and make your apartment or house feel really luxurious - and help sell it!

4. Kitchen hardware

You don't want to spend serious money on your kitchen, but you do want it to look the part. So, replacing the cabinets, or the doors, or just carefully painting what you have and adding new knobs can make a huge difference in giving your kitchen the kind of clean, modern look that new buyers invariably crave.

5. Kitchen appliances

The same can be said of Kitchen appliances. Brand new stainless steel washing machines, stoves, dishwashers and fridges etc., can transform the look and feel of your kitchen

The amount you're going to want to spend here, though, will depend on whether you're going to be able to take these with you when you go.

Remember that you don't have to do all these things immediately. Instead, work steadily towards improving your home and it will sell. Te problem is that by the time it does, you'll probably have fallen in love wit I all over again!
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