Expert Debt Management
Expert Debt Management
Making Your Budget

     Once you have really sat down and looked over your expenses it is time to create your budget.  A budget can help you see where money needs to go and where money can go, if you choose.  When you create some guidelines for yourself and you vow to stick to them you will find that you are able to pay your bills, pay off debts, and even have a little bit of fun while leaving some money in the bank.

     When you are making your budget you might want to use some general guidelines in mind.  These guidelines refer to the way that you should spend your paycheck if you were maximizing your budget.  Your money would likely be best used if you use:

-  60% for Housing and bills
-  30% for your mortgage
-  30% to household bills
-  30% for other bills
-  10% for saving
-  30% for cash and household costs
-  5% for long term savings
-  5% for emergencies

     Of course this is just a guide.  What you need to do is look at your expenses then create a budget.  Add up all of the expenses that you have worked into your budget.  When you do this you should still be able to come out ahead.  Are you not coming out ahead?  If not, you need to go over your expenses again and see where you can cut back.  Most people will find that they are able to cut back on household costs and cash expenses as we often spend more in these areas than we really need to.

     Getting your budget to the point where you are actually coming out ahead is not all that difficult.  What you need to do is cut back on the areas where you are perhaps spending more than you need to.  Consider eating in instead of eating out, as this will save you a lot more money and will make going out even more enjoyable because you don't do it every day.


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