Expert Debt Management
Expert Debt Management
Identifying Your Debt

     So, you know that you have debt.  You have taken the first step and admitted that you are in debt and that you are having a hard time making payments or not making payments at all.  You hear that this is the first step, but where do you go from here?  So many people get stuck here because they just don't have the skills to keep working toward debt resolution.

The next step is to identify how you have gotten into debt.  Did you get into trouble with credit cards, loans, second mortgages?  To recover from being in debt you need to understand how you go to where you are now, how you ended up in so much trouble financially.  It is not until you understand where things went wrong that you will begin to fix it.

     Next you need to look at your debt.  Where does the bulk of your debt come from?  Many people find that their debt comes from large purchases such as homes and cars and other people find that the debt has accrued from small purchases, such as those made on your average credit card.  When you date a good look at where the majority of the debt comes from you can then decide how you need to change your spending habits so you can start to reverse process and actually do away with the debts over time.  Many of us don't know the behaviors that are causing the problem, which makes it difficult or impossible to stop accruing debt.

     After you look at all of your debts and where things went wrong you need to create a budget.  You need to look at all of your purchases and see how many of them were actually necessary.  When you look at all of your purchases you will likely find that the bulk of them were not necessary and this will show you how much money you actually need to spend each month.  Whatever is left over should go toward paying off your debt.  When you create and stick to a budget you will find that you stop accruing debt and that you can get yourself out of the hole that you are currently in.  Just make sure that you continue on this path, remembering where things went wrong, and ensuring that you don't go down that path again.

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