Expert Debt Management
Expert Debt Management
How to Raise Your Credit Score

     You will hear many different companies or individuals tell you that they can fix your credit, but did you know that you can work on your own to raise your credit score?  There are some relatively simple but very effective ways in which you can work on your own to begin raising your credit score today.  You have to be committed to make it work well, but you can start making progress on your own.

     When you are thinking about raising your credit score you have to think about disciplining yourself.  We often get into trouble with credit because we want to make purchases today but we don't need them.  Purchases come and go, but if you cannot afford to pay off these credit purchases you will end up with a low credit score which will limit your buying power in the future.

     The first thing you can do to raise your credit score is to start making timely payments.  When you do not make timely payments you are negatively impacting your credit score each and every month.  You should also work to make sure that none of your credit cards exceed 30% of their credit limit.  While doing this you should work extra hard at paying off all unsecured debts, and when you do this you will find that you can vastly improve your credit within the next five years.  Many people want it to happen much sooner, but if you start working today you'll see improvements slowly over that period of time and if you don't start doing this today you will still have little or no buying power in the future.

     The biggest thing you should work on doing away with is that unsecured debt.  This will not only improve your credit score, but will allow you to improve your quality of life because you will not have all of the monthly payments that take away from the money in the bank each month.  It can take a lot of work to do away with these debts, but it can be done.  If you don't know where to start, you may want to seek credit counseling, which may include debt consolidation which can be a great start to getting out of debt.

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