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Tops to Wear This Season
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Believe it or not, summer is around the corner. It may feel like we are stuck in some never never-world of grey, interspersed by the odd ray of sunshine, but surely before long we will have some colour.

When the sun arrives, what will you be wearing? It will be time after all to put away your winter coat, boots and your scarf and glove collection. I predict that people all over the country will have withdrawal symptoms without these items of clothing which seem to have become so necessary over the past six months. Will we feel cold even when it is sunny, I wonder, a sort of post-inclement weather disorder?

The real question, the one that will get your juices flowing, is the question of fashion trends for summer 2013. What's hot, what's not? Prepare yourselves - the '80s are once more dead and buried (long live the '80s). Instead, the focus turns this season to the 1990s as a source of inspiration. Why, I'm not quite sure. Let's just hope that we all do a better job second time around.

So, what's in fashion? There will be, of course, the usual mish-mash of colours, materials and designs. Leather jackets are big; clothes with lacy detailing are also quite hip. Bright colours and unusual styles of motif will be seen in shops near you very soon.

Prints are hot this season. Letter prints, pattern prints, asymmetrical prints, even
zigzag prints. There's something minimalist about the
wide range of dressy tops out there featuring a printed motif. Team these tops with skinny high waisted jeans and you're ready for that big night out, looking and feeling your best.

Then there's the tribal thing which is going on. Think feather earrings, ethnic designs on floating skirts and dresses. Hell, you could even go for a Mad Max inspired look, incorporating leather into your outfit. Why not wear an ethnic print skirt with a simple off-the-shoulder t-shirt, combined with beaded jewellery. You will look romantic and effortlessly stylish, ready for summer.

If neither prints nor the tribal style appeal, then consider a slogan t-shirt. These tops have printed slogans, featuring memorable quotes or lyrics from popular songs. When worn well, these t-shirts can make a statement which goes beyond the realms of fashion. They look preppy and fun, demonstrating to the world that your reference system is somewhat ironic and that you have a good sense of humour.

Alternatively, try an off-the-shoulder top for a funky '90s look. The nineties are making a comeback, after all. This style of top flatters most figures, as it draws attention to your neck and collar bone, whilst lifting the eyes up to the face. When worn with a tan, a white off-the-shoulder number can look especially effective.

Whatever you wear, enjoy the sunshine at all times!

Author Bio:
Claire Miles is a journalist who enjoys perusing the selection of tops to go out in available online.