Expert Debt Management
Expert Debt Management
Unsecured Debt
     Unsecured debt is debt that you have usually entered into a contract with a certain creditor. This allows you to obtain goods or services on credit. In exchange for this you promise to pay back who is loaning you the money to do so. There is no collateral associated with this. No house or property etc in the form of a lien towards the repayment of such an agreement. This kind of loaning by a creditor is generally at a higher risk to them as it makes it harder to collect if there is tardiness in payment. If you fall behind in your payment of these bills, the creditor must take on either threats or more commonly legal action. The types of debts commonly associated with unsecured debts are credit card bills, department store credit cards, commercial debts, personal loans, and medical bills.

     Generally unsecured debt is not as high as secured debt. You will not find a mortgage loan situation without the property/house actually tied to it which makes it secured. A secured debt also usually involved much more paper work to come to an agreement on. For this reason, an unsecured debt is much easier to obtain, which can often get consumers in more trouble because they can be received more on a impulse than a well thought out plan. Think of the times you are entering a store and they have some kind of a deal where if you sign up for that particular stores credit card you will receive 10% off anything you purchase with it for that day.

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