Expert Debt Management
Expert Debt Management
Three great tips to help you live a thrifty lifestyle.

Becoming more economical with your money is a skill that everyone can benefit from regardless of your tax bracket. In the current economic environment tightening your belt financially will allow you to strategically plan out your long term savings options to prepare you in case you should ever have unexpected payments to make such as hospital fees or car replacement. If you're really good at the following the advice provide below by the team you might even be able to save for something more significant - like the deposit on your dream home or paying for the holiday of a life time. Whatever the motive, the origin will always be a level headed and systematic approach to your resources as outlined below:

Rethink your diet and food budget.

The average person spends a huge proportion of their monthly pay cheque on their food supply. It's obviously very important but one should understand that eating well does not require huge spending. In fact eating healthily will save you a lot of money if done correctly. Cook meals from scratch with a strong foundation in fresh vegetables, reduce the amount of processed food you consume - you don't have any control over the amount of salt and sugar pumped into it to improve the taste. If the financial rewards weren't stimulating enough, these amendments to your diet will help you live longer, so what more motivation do you need to make this positive lifestyle change?

Shop seasonally.

Or rather shop 'out of seasonally'. If you rise above the fickle flow of mainstream fashions and traditions then you will make huge savings when it comes to buying fashion garments and Christmas decorations for example. High street shops move through their inventory incredibly fast in the aforementioned industries, so if a style of clothing is going 'out of style' they will happily slash the price down to remove their excess stock, and more than likely mark the price up again next year when the same clothes come back into fashion! Similarly you can pick up a bargain electric Christmas tree and decorations for a fraction of the price in the January sales as large stores need their storage space for the stock they're more likely to sell that month now that the Christmas hype has died down. Be strategic in your shopping sprees and you can still have your cake and eat it without breaking the bank.

Capitalise on free entertainment.

There is a host of free activities to be found for the thrifty social butterfly. Do some research and check out what festivals and events your home city is currently hosting, most larger cities will have an ambitious cultural and social agenda to help promote tourism. But if you'd rather stay in then the internet is your friend. For the modest cost of your monthly line rental and broadband there is a figuratively infinite supply of free to enjoy entertainment spread across the web, including television shows, gaming and quiz websites and even high quality multilayer games that are entirely free to download. Look in the right places across the internet and you'll never need to spend another penny on scratching your entertainment itch in the real world!
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